John Dellroy Band


John Dellroy Band is a fresh new line-up of Folkrock without limits. They combine pounding, thumping rock songs, indie, reflective rock ballads, get-down-and-dirty country with catchy melodies and rich vocal harmonies. John Dellroy Band are no strangers to getting the crowd rocking and love it intimate and gritty.


Five years ago, through collaboration with American Brian Lott, John was inspired to write songs to complement his powerful, gutsy and haunting voice. Dellroy still keeps to the trends and treasured melodies from his beloved Dylan, but brings in an indie-rock influence with a touch of folktronica and cabaret-style lyrics.


In February 2010 John formed a band with Austrian, Australian and German roots. Peter Völker is ever secure on bass, guitar god Franz Königshofer (e.g. Peter Wolf, Ostbahn Kurti) provides ample noise and chops on E guitar and violin virtuoso Daniel Salecich brings us closer to the Australian outback with his bush fiddling and haunting solos. In October 2011 John welcomed the slick grooves from Jürgen Barth on drums, replacing drum legend Rainer Kalning returning home to Germany.


After a period of fine-tuning and maturing their songs through live shows, finally in winter 2012-13 their music was studio recorded. With the musician and producer Thomas Mora (Georg Danzer, Neil Taylor, etc.) a special partnership was formed that brought out the characteristic sound that is John Dellroy Band.


The CD “A New Life Has Begun” was released in April 2013 with a live concert at Vienna’s famous Ost-Klub.

Also in April a radio edit of their ballad “Time” was released as single in Austria that had stunning download numbers (e.g. #1 at, iTunes pop #55).

In August the band had their first, very well received, concert in Germany.

In April 2014 drummer routinier Mike „Drummer“ Pawlowitsch joined the band.


With their last single “She”, an impressive collaboration with Grammy® nominated Peter Roberts (, a multiple award winning songwriter and producer, the Band had airplay on more than 150 radio stations in the USA. In May 2015 they broke US FMQB top 200 charts and made it to #27 in August 2015.  

"Life without music is an empty, soulless place", writes John. It's a seemingly easy life philosophy - not difficult to grasp but damned hard to live without.


John Dellroy - vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica

Franz Königshofer - electric guitar, backing vocals

Daniel Salecich - violin, keyboard, backing vocals

Peter Völker - bass

Mike Pawlowitsch - drums  


John Dellroy Band - press kit
John Dellroy Band - press kit English- August2015.docx (2.23MB)
John Dellroy Band - press kit
John Dellroy Band - press kit English- August2015.docx
Band photo
photo by Thomas Benesch
JohnDellroyBand 2_20x30cm300ppi.jpg (2.06MB)
Band photo
photo by Thomas Benesch
JohnDellroyBand 2_20x30cm300ppi.jpg
Single Cover "She (Radio Edit)"
She (Radio Edit) cover.jpg (1.39MB)
Single Cover "She (Radio Edit)"
She (Radio Edit) cover.jpg
CD cover "A New Life Has Begun"
picture painted by Jutta Grolig
CD cover - A New Life Has Begun.jpg (1.47MB)
CD cover "A New Life Has Begun"
picture painted by Jutta Grolig
CD cover - A New Life Has Begun.jpg